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Sales/Business Developer | Part-time

Are you passionate about helping animals and only want the best for them? Do you have leadership qualities, are ambitious, reliable, friendly, outgoing, self starter? Are you a pet professional? If so, this might be an opportunity for you. We are looking for serious people to market all natural pet products to individuals, breeders, groomers, day care centers, kennels, small specialty stores, veterinarians. We offer top of the line holistic pet products that are not sold in stores and are formulated by a leading holistic veterinarian. No experience required, 100% training for the right individuals.

Contact information:
Donna Vincent, 717-384-5334

Posted on 09/19/2016 | Expired since 10/18/2016
Let me get you sales for free

Let me get you sales for free | Contract

Hey there, Look I know you get people bombarding you with messages telling you how they can get you ranked on Google, and if you you pay them 10,000 pound they may or may not rank you in 3 to 6 months..! sucks right? How about I put a video commercial in front of EVERYONE that is LOOKING for your business service in the areas you cover... and more to the point what if I do some work FREE for you to prove I am the real deal and not some kind of all talk no action type of guy.... sound good? Get all the info and some live proof here thanks .Dean.

Contact information:, Let me get you sales for free
Let me get you sales for free

Posted on 10/31/2016 | Expired since 11/30/2016


| Full-time

Posted on 05/18/2017 | Expired since 06/17/2017


x | Full-time


Posted on 06/05/2017 | Expired since 07/05/2017