Laguna Goldfish/Koi Floating Food, Medium Pellet, 17.6 ounces

A Laguna brand manufactured by Hagen

Laguna Goldfish & Koi Food is advanced quality floating fish food formulated to provide superior nutrition while reducing organic waste. It is recommended for Koi and Pond Goldfish. It is made with only the highest quality ingredients and contains no corn or corn starches. The complete and balanced formulation includes multi-vitamins and stabilized vitamin C, which helps improve disease resistance and the health of fish. The highly palatable diets are always a favorite among pond fish. As a result, less food is required during feeding time, translating into less waste and cleaner, clearer water. Laguna Goldfish & Koi Food is an all season fish food that contains multi-vitamins and stabilized vitamin C. It will not cloud water and is extremely palatable.

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