Zilla Deluxe Snake Kit 14.5x32x14.75

A Zilla brand manufactured by Central Garden & Pet Company

Complete kit makes it easy for beginner hobbyists. It takes only a few minutes to set up a snake habitat with a Deluxe Snake Kit, which includes all the necessities plus fun extras. The kit centers around a spacious 20-Long glass terrarium with a screen top that latches securely while facilitating air exchange. Two reflective dome light fixtures and bulbs supply proper amounts of both light and heat. The included bedding is Douglas Fir, which promotes burrowing behavior. An 8 oz. bottle of humidifying spray is included, along with a temperature/humidity gauge and two bonuses: a Lizard Lagoon watering dish and Rock Den snake shelter to add a note of decorative habitat authenticity. This kit also comes with a comprehensive booklet that details terrarium setup and care.

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